Responsive Web Design with WordPress & Foundation

All of the websites I create are fully design “responsive.” I use WordPress in conjunction with Foundation (a website creation framework) to leverage the full power of “responsive web design,” which allows a single website to scale to any web capable device in real-time, from the desktop, to tablets and smartphones.

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about-imageMy name is Jorim Tapley, and I’ve been in web design and development since 2007.

I worked from mid 2010 to the end of 2011 for a small WordPress web development company based in Michigan. As their lead developer, I created over twenty sites and contributed to many more.

Currently, I work as an independent contractor from jor-folio.com


My pricing is all about scalability; whatever complexity and price your budget requires, from building a site from scratch, to tweaking what you already have, or offering simple advice and assistance on an existing site, I adjust my price structure to your specific needs.

After a site’s completion, I’m available for upkeep, updates, bug fixes and troubleshooting for a small hourly fee, and can usually respond and complete small to moderate changes within 1 working business day. For larger expansions or modifications, I can charge by the project or by the hour, again, scaling the price to your specific needs.

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